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An Introduction guide travel to Zamboanga Travel Guide

Ultimate Handbook Guide to Zamboanga : (Philippines) 

An Introduction to Zamboanga

A quick look at Zamboanga as a whole

Zamboanga is one of many cities located in Philippines. Zamboanga has a population of 991099 and majority of its habitants speak Tagalog. The currency used across Philippines and accepted in Zamboanga is PHP. Be sure to either convert your current local currency into PHP to avoid over the top exchange rates when you arrive in Philippines. Depending on where you are departing from, it would be wise to check in first with your local travel agent or financial institution that offers a travel money or foreign exchange service.

Locating the best spots and hang-outs Zamboanga has to offer

Visiting any city for the first time can be lonely, if you have no knowledge of what to do or where to go for a slice of the cities rich picking. This is why we decided to note down a few of our favourite spots in Zamboanga, we believe you will love. Knowing that we all love to travel; but not having a great time while vacationing or visiting a chosen destination, can be a daunting experience. So this guide was put together, to help you locate some of the best places to visit and attend while you are in Zamboanga. It will not only help save you time when searching for the best restaurants, clubs or bars but it will serve a helping hand in case of any financial emergencies that could arise when you may need to find an institution for financial support.

Getting to know Zamboanga

Visiting Zamboanga and what to expect

Every city in Philippines is magical and offers a wonderful experience, this can also be said for Zamboanga.
 Below is a brief description about Zamboanga, to give you that little extra and open your mind to what to expect and learn about Zamboanga before you visit or if you have recently arrived there.
 Zamboanga is the 6th most populous and 3rd largest city by land area in the Philippines. It is the commercial and industrial center of the Zamboanga Peninsula. Zamboanga was formerly known as Jambangan in Subanon and the center of Subanen tribe and culture during the pre-Hispanic times. After independence from Spain on May 1899, Zamboanga became the Republica de Zamboanga with Zamboangue?o Chavacano as its official language and Spanish as its co-official language. After American intervention, the republic incorporated into the Philippines and became the capital of the former Moro Province, now Mindanao, from 1903 to 1913. On October 12, 1936. Zamboanga became a chartered city.

A look into the history of Zamboanga

Learning more about Zamboanga and its history

Like every city on earth, Zamboanga has its own identity, people and history.
 So we have hand picked out the most interesting parts of its history which make Zamboanga unique and special.
 Keep on reading to learn a thing or two about what makes Zamboanga a great destination for tourists from all over the world.
 Zamboanga was founded in the late 12th or early 13th century, with the earliest people living there being the Subanen, an indigenous tribe of the island Mindanao. The Subanen people's name for Zamboanga, "Sung Lupa", means "pointed land". Speculation that the name of Zamboanga comes from the word "Jambangan Bunga", meaning "bouquet/vase of flowers", or the "garden/land of flowers", is met by others insisting the name derives from the word "saguan" or "sambuan", a Malay word for the paddle used by natives to paddle the vintas in the sea. Spanish explorers first arrived in the Philippine archipelago in 1521. In 1569 Zamboanga was chosen as the site of the Spanish settlement and garrison on La Caldera (now called Barrio Recodo). Before the end of the 19th century, The Republic of Zamboanga was established during the American period in the Philippines and it briefly existed from May 18, 1899 until March 1903. The first president of the Republic of Zamboanga was General Vicente ?lvarez, who was succeeded by Isidoro Midel and Mariano Arquiza.

Famous People from Zamboanga

Every city has its fair share of celebrity and famous individuals

Like so many other cities around the world, Zamboanga has its share of well-known names and faces. Below is a list of a few of them for you to get acquainted with.
 Famous people from Zamboanga include the following below:
Raf? Totengco

Visiting Zamboanga during tourist season

The best time to visit Zamboanga

Tourists mainly choose to visit Zamboanga around Winter season.
 That being said, you can choose to visit the Zamboanga whenever you feel like, as there are a few things to see and do all year round.
 Also packed in this Ultimate Guide to Zamboanga, is some very useful information for you as a tourist; that will keep you ahead and provide you with knowledgeable information about the best places to eat, shop, see and find the best entertainment hot spots to make your visit a one to remember. So keep on reading!

Banks and Institutions located in Zamboanga

Locating a cash facility or currency exchange service in Zamboanga

Finding a cash facility or money exchange service in Zamboanga could prove to be a headache at times, but we have researched and listed a few that you should consider when in need of a financial solution. List of financial institutions and money exchange services:
MayBank Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat Hwy Zamboanga Philippines
Bank of Commerce Veterans Ave Zamboanga Philippines
Allied Bank Zamboanga Philippines
Metrobank P. Brillantes corner Mayor Climaco Avenue P Reyes St Zamboanga 7000, Philippines
 Be sure to always keep your personal belongings close to hand to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Landmarks and places to see in Zamboanga

Enjoy what Zamboanga has to offer on a sightseeing adventure

There are so many places to see and visit in Zamboanga, but we have rounded up a selection we think you should check out while visiting Zamboanga. Places to see while visiting Zamboanga include:
Great Santa Cruz Island
Paseo del Mar
Fort Pilar
Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Conception
Zamboanga City Hall
Pasonanca Park
Bayangan Island
Pasonanca National Park
Plaza Pershing
Rio Hondo

Shopping Malls and Centres in Zamboanga

Places to shop at in Zamboanga or even to have a browse around in

Thinking about shopping or where the shopping malls and centres are located in Zamboanga? Be rest assured, as we have taken time out to size up a few that we hope will meet your needs while you are in Zamboanga. Places to shop at while you are in Zamboanga include:
Yubengco Star Mall Yubengco Starmall, Putik, Zamboanga City, 7000, Zamboanga del Sur Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat Hwy Zamboanga, Philippines.
Cecille's Catering and Pension House Tumaga Por Centro Zamboanga Philippines.
De Rigueur Falcatan St Zamboanga Philippines.
Mindpro Citimall La Purisima St Zamboanga Philippines

Finding the ideal restaurants and eateries in Zamboanga

Best places to dine at when you visit Zamboanga

Zamboanga has a few restaurants and eateries where you can sink your teeth into many tasty local cuisines.
 Listed below are few restaurants and eateries in Zamboanga, that have been noted to provide wonderful dishes and exclusive service to tourists or visitors visiting Zamboanga. List of restaurants and eateries to consider while you are in Zamboanga include:
Palmeras Restaurant Zamboanga Philippines
Sunflower Food Center Brillantes St Zamboanga 7000 Philippines
Jardin De La Vi?a Hotel and Restaurant Barangay Zone III Zamboanga Philippines
Maxx's Restaurant Barangay Zone III Zamboanga 7000 Philippines
KFC Mayor Jaldon St Zamboanga Philippines
Zbga. Aristocrat Chinese Restaurant Gov. Camins Ave. Zamboanga 7000 Philippines
San Francisco Steak Hous Labuan-Lampara National Road Zamboanga Philippines
Family Fried Chicken - Gusu Labuan-Limpapa National Road Zamboanga Philippines
Jollibee LB Veterans Avenue Ext. Zamboanga Philippines
Mano-Mano na Greenfields Blue Ridge Lane Gov. Ramos Ave Zamboanga, Philippines
Hacienda de Palmeras
 Mindanao, Philippines
 Dessert, Philippine
Greenfields Mano-Mano Resto
 Gov. Ramos Avenue, Mindanao, Philippines
La Vista del Mar
 Upper Calarian, Mindanao 7000, Philippines
Don Vicente Restaurante Latino
 Calle Crispin Atilano, Barrio de Tetuan, Mindanao 7000, Philippines
 Italian, Latin, Mexican, Spanish
Lantaka Hotel-By-The-Sea
 Mindanao, Philippines
 American, Asian, Philippine, Continental

Bars and Clubs located in and around Zamboanga

Day time and nightlife entertainment in and around Zamboanga

We all love to chill out and have a great time, so what not more than to check out some of the bars / clubs located in and around Zamboanga. You might just discover that hidden gem to tell your friends or family about while you were visiting or staying in Zamboanga. Check out the following spots below which are located in and around Zamboanga:
Gimik - Barkada Karaoke Catribo Complex San Jose Road Zamboanga, Philippines
History Karaoke Bar and Cocktail Lounge Tomas Claudio St Zamboanga Philippines
Vertigo Sports Bar 371 Sta. Maria St Zamboanga 7000 Philippines
Zamboang White Pub House Gov. Ramos Ave Zamboanga Philippines
Zamboanga White Gov. Ramos Ave Zamboanga Philippines

Coming to the end

Summary information when visiting Zamboanga

We hope this guide proved highly useful and you have or will enjoy your visit to Zamboanga.
 Travelling anywhere in the world can be dangerous, so it is advised you plan and take absolute care when getting into out of the ordinary.
 Always keep your personal items in a safe place to avoid any upsets and be aware of anything that may sound too good to be true.
 SamEnrico publishes a few other city guides, let's say over 1000 of the top cities are covered, so you can always rely on us to inform you about the most exclusive and best places to be or see when visiting or staying at cities in many different countries around the world.


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