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This eatery dedicated to the art of breakfast is housed in an impeccably designed space near Musée du Louvre.

When Claus opened its doors in 2011, it was one of the first eateries in the city dedicated to petit déjeuner (breakfast) – a daring move at a time when those seeking a delicious start to their day were limited to croissants and burnt coffee. Claus is celebrated for its gourmet range of offerings, while its crisp white exterior and chic interior make it a beacon of good taste in the 1st arrondissement. Inside, the first floor is airy and bright, filled with a selection of gourmet jam, muesli, tea, scones and pastries. Up the spiral staircase is an eccentrically decorated room decked out in pine-green carpet and orange lounges filled with happy brunch goers.
The menu is made up of five set options, each offering a range of sweet and savoury dishes such as scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, muesli and fresh fruit salad, all served with a coffee, fresh juice and an assortment of pastries and jam. Items can also be ordered à la carte. Tables here are always in high
demand, so reservations are recommended.

14 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Louvre—Rivoli (line 1)

Sun 9.30am–5pm, Mon–Fri 8am–5pm, Sat 9.30am–5pm



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