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Nestled amongst shops between Bastille and République, this intimate haunt serves excellent coffee from international roasters.

When it opened in the summer of 2017, Neighbours was quick to become a community fixture. The second venue from Daniel Warburton and Angel Boucher of Honor (an outdoor café in a semi-permanent space off high-end shopping street rue Saint-Honoré), it came about because the pair wanted to expand into a more permanent space. The Australian-English couple serve coffee made with blends from UK-based Round Hill Roastery and European guest roasters like The Barn from Germany, making them unique from the many cafés using beans from Paris’ cache of specialty coffee roasters. They have also turned their focus to the kitchen with their second venture, creating a flavoursome menu that evolves with the seasons. It features hearty items like pulled pork, poached eggs and slow- cooked spiced beans on toasted cornbread as well as lighter options like gourmet granola served with thick Greek yoghurt and seasonal fruit.
With its prime location on bustling boulevard Beaumarchais, Neighbours is a great place to soak in the happenings of this busy pocket of the 3rd arrondissement. In warmer months, the café’s glass façade is opened up and a collection of tables are placed outside to form a footpath terrace. The glass façade is usually closed in cooler weather, creating a warm and cosy environment inside.

89 boulevard Beaumarchais

Chemin Vert (line 8), Richard-Lenoir (line 5)

Sun 10am–6pm, Mon–Fri 8am–6pm, Sat 10am–6pm



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